Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association

Gulf of Mexico

The birth of the offshore oil and gas industry occurred in November of 1947, when the first successful well drilled out of sight of land came in, bringing with it a whole new era of oil and gas exploration and production.

That first successful well was brought in by Kerr-McGee on November 14, 1947. The well was located 45 miles south of Morgan City in Ship Shoal Block 32 field. Other over-water drilling attempts had been made on the West Coast and in the Creole Field off the southwest coast of Louisiana, but the Kerr-McGee project was the first that was completely away from land.

From that one well, a tremendous industry has grown. Today, the offshore oil and gas industry has an economic impact of $44.3 billion for the state of Louisiana.

LMOGA is actively involved in many aspects of Gulf of Mexico activities on behalf of the industry in dealing with regulations that impact the Gulf and adjacent onshore operations


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