Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association

Member Benefits

The Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association is the oldest trade association in the state exclusively representing all aspects of the oil and gas industry including exploration, production, mid-stream activities, pipeline, refining and marketing.

LMOGA members have access to the Association’s staff which, collectively, includes experts with extensive experience in areas directly impacting the oil and gas industry’s operations in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico.  This expertise includes assistance to members in all matters related to environmental, regulatory and technical issues facing the membership, and legislative and legal assistance on all matters related to natural resources and the coastal zone.

Membership is open to companies involved in oil and gas activities. Benefits of membership include:

  • Government Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Emergency Issue Response
  • Business Networking
  • Committee Membership
  • Newsletters and Publications
  • LMOGA Annual Meeting, Regional Meetings and Other Association Events
  • The LMOGA House

The Association represents its members and the industry in all aspects of their operations before groups including the Louisiana Legislature; local, state and federal agencies; and the U.S. Congress.  It also frequently works with other trade associations and affiliated organizations, the news media, and educational entities such as the LSU Center for Energy Studies.

Throughout the year, the staff of the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association monitors meetings of government agencies such as the Department of Environmental Quality, Office of Conservation, the Department of Revenue, Louisiana Tax Commission, Louisiana Economic Development, the Mineral Board, Public Service Commission, legislative committees and the special agencies, commissions, boards and committees formed to consider specific matters.



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