Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association

Member Testimonials

  • “I appreciate that LMOGA has been just as responsive and supportive to us as a small refining organization as they were when we were part of a larger refining organization.”

  • “LMOGA has made me more aware of the energy operating environment in the State of Louisiana.”

  • “The regulatory assistance provided by LMOGA is invaluable. They make sense out of the complex.”

  • “The oil and gas industry drives the economy of Louisiana, speaking with one unified voice thru LMOGA carries the weight of many and not the interests of a few. Presently Louisiana understands the oil and gas impact to the state , LMOGA helps assure that does not get lost and thus lies their value to the thousands of jobs generated by this industry.”

  • “As I've worked with LMOGA staff and committees for over 20 years, I continue to appreciate the communication of issues and umbrella that helps keep individual companies from the frontline of advocacy for significant common issues.”

  • “I got more out of LMOGA's annual meeting last year than I could have possibly hoped for.”

  • “LMOGA keeps us informed, and advocates our positions in public deliberations. They are an indispensible resource.”


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