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Louisiana’s Oil and Gas Industry Prepared for 2018 Hurricane Season

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BATON ROUGE, La. – With the 2018 Hurricane Season upon us, Louisiana’s oil and gas industry is prepared to ensure the safety of our employees, the environment and the communities in which we work from the impacts of a storm. Oil and gas facilities take great care developing detailed hurricane response plans long before hurricane season begins on June 1st.

“When a storm threatens the Gulf coast, our first priority is protecting the people of Louisiana, including the oil and gas industry workers onshore and offshore,” said Chris John, President of LMOGA. “From the first sign of a potential storm, appropriate phased responses are initiated in a precise, controlled manner and decisions are made based on the best available storm data.”

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Women the new faces of leadership in oil and gas industry

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I grew up in New Jersey, where both my parents worked for ExxonMobil. My mother started her career with Esso, as the company was known, just before her 18th birthday in 1959. It was a time when most women who worked outside the home were hired for secretarial positions. She was part of a steno pool, wore white gloves to work and was an expert in shorthand. My mother continued to work in administrative positions with the company throughout her career, eventually moving from New Jersey to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and she loved her job until the day she retired after 52 years of service.

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LMOGA Welcomes New Member Companies!

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LMOGA is proud to welcome several new member comapnies to the Association this spring. We are thrilled to have these great organizations as part of LMOGA’s strong and growing membership.

  • EnVen Energy Corp.
  • RES Contractors LLC
  • RES Environmental Services
  • Sempra
  • TransCanada
  • Zachry Group

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Only a constitutional convention can arrest Louisiana’s decline

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The Louisiana Legislature is in the midst of another session, facing down the barrel of another fiscal cliff, and there appears to be no reasonable solution.

What if the answer has been right in front of us all along?

Many Louisianans don’t understand how structurally flawed our government actually is. In 1973, a prosperous time for Louisiana thanks in large part to the growth in the oil and gas industry, Louisiana held a Constitutional Convention. The results of that convention bring us to where we are today.

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Offshore policies, reform will help us become energy dominant

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Last summer, President Donald Trump made a bold commitment to make America not only energy independent but energy dominant. The president announced his policy to boost domestic oil and gas production and oil and gas exports, resulting in a "golden era" for the U.S. energy supply.

This announcement was welcome news for members of the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association (LMOGA) as well as our ports and offshore service companies that have been challenged by global oil prices in recent years. While offshore energy production in the Gulf is high now, this production may taper off in the future due to today's lack of investments for exploration.

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