Tax Committee

Provides a forum for discussion on all tax matters relating to the oil and gas industry, including ad valorem and excise-income tax issues. Contact Tommy Faucheux for more information.

Legal Committee

Offers the opportunity for the discussion of laws and regulations affecting the industry and furnishes suggestions for revision or improvements. Contact Tommy Faucheux for more information.

Government Affairs Committee

Analyzes state legislation, prepares legislation and amendments when needed, supervises staff reports on all legislation of industry interests, presents industry views to the legislature when needed, coordinates industry activity to pass or defeat selected legislation.

Offshore Committee

Participates in guiding LMOGA GOM initiatives. Industry members should have OCS/GOM policy and/or regulatory expertise. Contact Lori LeBlanc.

Midstream & Infrastructure Committee

This forum provides an opportunity to discuss legislation and regulation affecting the industry. The primary focus of this committee is the modes of transportation supporting downstream facilities or moving product to market, including pipelines, underground storage, brine mining, LNG, shipping, dredging, rail, and other modes of transportation of oil and gas in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. Contact Tommy Faucheux.

Public Affairs Committee

Assists in the promotion of a public relations program designed to acquaint members of the new media, government and the public with the facts about the industry and its significance to the state and the nation. The External Affairs Committee also assists with special legislative issues. Contact Ashley Cain.

Refinery Managers Committee

Provides a forum for the refinery managers to discuss the various issues and regulations affecting the refining aspects of the petroleum industry.

Refinery Environmental Managers Committee

The Refinery Environmental Managers Committee provides a forum to discuss state and federal environmental issues affecting the industry. The committee is responsible for formulation of the strategy for commenting on regulations. Contact Damien Watt for more information.

Other standing and special committees are established by the association on an as needed basis to handle specific issues which either do not fall under the scope of other existing committees or require a greater level of expertise.