Coastal Restoration

The oil and natural gas industry invests heavily in hurricane protection and restoration projects that help make our communities safer and stronger. In fact, revenues generated by oil and natural gas activity serve as a primary funding source for Louisiana’s coastal restoration efforts. Today, as a result of those investments, there are more coastal restoration and protection projects underway now than ever before in our state’s history.

The Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act (GOMESA) allows Gulf states to share in offshore revenue generated from oil production. To date, GOMESA has allowed over $300 million to flow to states primarily for coastal restoration and hurricane protection. 34% of the state’s coastal protection office is funded through mineral revenues.

These funds are invested in projects that better protect our communities, our coast, our culture.

Gulf of Mexico energy production is critical to national security, our national economy and conservation of wildlife and public lands from sea to shining sea, literally.

Follow the link below to learn more about the funding and projects fueling our coast from the Grow Louisiana Coalition.

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