Chesapeake is IOGCC Stewardship award winner

10 29, 2011 by Shreveport Times

The Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission has awarded Chesapeake Energy's Haynesville Shale project the Chairman's Stewardship Award at IOGCC's annual meeting in Buffalo, N.Y.

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Secretary Scott Angelle commended Chesapeake for being a leader in its field and operating in an environmentally sound manner.

"Chesapeake's presence in the Haynesville Shale has boosted the economy of northwest Louisiana, and it is evident by Chesapeake's stewardship that they understand the crucial balance of energy, the economy and the environment."

IOGCC's Executive Director Mike Smith said the award recognizes a company that demonstrates "innovative and positive environmental stewardship," a news release states.

Chesapeake was nominated for the award by the DNR Office of Conservation, which noted that Chesapeake had implemented a number of best management practices in the Haynesville Shale to help ensure energy development in an environmentally responsible manner.

"On behalf of Chesapeake Energy Corp. and our more than 640 employees operating in the Haynesville Shale area of northwest Louisiana and east Texas, we are very excited to accept this recognition," Kevin McCotter, vice president of corporate development said in an emailed statement. "At Chesapeake, we realize the way a great product is produced is as important as the product itself.

"For this reason, protecting the beauty and resources of the areas where we operate is our goal from the day we begin drilling a well until the day a well location is restored to its natural state."

The company's commitment to fueling America's clean energy future is reflected in every aspect of what we do, and it brings us great pride to be recognized by the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission for those efforts."

Conservation Commissioner James Welsh, a long-standing member of IOGCC, said the award shows the commitment of a company determined to limit its environmental footprint.

He said Chesapeake is the largest leaseholder, largest producer and most active driller of new wells in the state's Haynesville natural gas play.