Chesapeake starts a petition for energy independence

07 10, 2012 by Fuel Fix

Chesapeake Energy is urging Americans to sign a petition for energy independence, hoping wider use of natural gas and increased oil drilling could end energy dependence in the states.

Energy independence has been a pipe dream for Americans for decades. Every president since Richard Nixon has called for the U.S. curb foreign imports and become energy independent. However, no one has achieved the feat.

Now, analysts say the United States may soon be able to energy independence due to the resurgence of domestic drilling for natural gas and oil. Forecasters said the U.S. – with the help of Mexico and Canada – could become energy independent in the next two decades.

Chesapeake isn’t missing out on the opportunity to tout its own fuel and path to energy independence.

The company, which is the second-largest natural gas producer, urged Americans over the Fourth of July holiday to sign a declaration of energy independence.

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