Chris John: An open letter to Louisiana families

09 14, 2016 by The Advertiser

This is a letter to the people of Louisiana and our dear colleagues in industry and their families and friends. I know this finds many of you in pain all along south Louisiana. Images of gutted homes and its contents stacked along the street bring about one emotion: heartbreak. This comes at a time where industry has hit an all-time low. We feel your pain.

While the industry remains groggy and knocked down; it is not out. It never will be. The reason is simple: the industry is made from the people of this great state. Too many anti-oil and gas people think the industry is this faceless corporation that does not care. That is, simply, not the case. The industry is you and your families. These are the very families who responded to the needs of their neighbors by taking matters into their own hands and conducting historic rescues. Without your “get it done” attitude, the industry is nothing. Louisiana and the oil and gas industry has always responded from the depths. Louisiana will be back and so will the jobs and joy of being one of the world’s greatest energy producers.

The people from Louisiana will figure a way out of this. It is in our DNA. A combination of all of the entities involved will get us through this latest tragedy. The oil and gas industry has your back. As we need you to staff our operations; you need the industry to keep providing your way of life. I know we will be there for each other. It is the Louisiana way. It’s the Cajun Navy way.

May all of your families be safe and well.