DNR Secretary Angelle Comments on Results of LMOGA Study on Louisiana’s Energy Sector

01 13, 2012 by Department of Natural Resources

Today, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Scott A. Angelle commented on the results of a report recently released by Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association (LMOGA) confirming Louisiana's standing as an energy leader in America.

The report, titled The Energy Sector: Still A Giant Economic Engine For The Louisiana Economy was prepared for LMOGA by Loren Scott.

"The state of Louisiana has a long and proud history of finding the fuel that energizes America, and it is no surprise that through the careful management of our state's abundant natural resources, Louisiana continues to rank at or near the top of national energy production lists," said Angelle.

"I'm confident that through the effective management of our natural resources, Louisiana's energy sector will continue to be a leader among states not only for its contributions to America's energy future, but also for its contributions to our economy, the creation of jobs and for generating the revenue that funds vital services for our state."