DNR works with industry on fueling needs during Hurricane Season

05 29, 2012 by Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Secretary Scott Angelle reminds the public to make plans in advance for fueling up in this upcoming 2012 hurricane season, starting June 1.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts an average hurricane season for 2012. For the entire six-month season, which begins June 1st, NOAA is predicting a 70 percent chance of nine to 15 named storms of which four to eight will strengthen to a hurricane with top winds of 74 mph or higher, and of those- one to three are expected to be major hurricanes with top winds of 111 mph or higher, ranking Category 3, 4 or 5.

Precise locations, timing and intensities of potential land-falling hurricanes can be uncertain, so Louisiana residents should make plans to secure fuel ahead of time to ensure they have enough to either evacuate if the need arises, or keep generators and vehicles running in the event of power outages in homes or gas stations.

The Louisiana Fuel Team, established under Gov. Jindal’s administration, has continued its preparation and planning efforts to be ready for the 2012 hurricane season. The Louisiana Fuel Team, comprised of representatives from the oil and gas refiners, distributors, marketers, transporters, and multiple state agencies, have worked in concert to address the need to safely provide and maintain adequate fuel supplies for gas stations across Louisiana to operate in emergency situations and to inform the public on the status of stations and fuel availability. This cooperative partnership between industry representatives and state agencies will help ensure that an adequate fuel supply can be gotten during times of emergency.

“As we work with government officials at all levels, it is a priority during hurricane season to see that critical fuel supplies are attainable for the public and that our employees have safe working conditions,” said LMOGA President Chris John.

“In the past, we depended upon personal contacts and professional relationships to coordinate our individual efforts in response to hurricanes, but I am thankful we now have a play-book that identifies the players,” noted Cathy Gautreaux, Exec. Dir. Louisiana Motor Transport Assoc., Inc.

Angelle said that planning for our fuel supply is an important part of protecting ourselves, our homes, and our businesses.

A new updated fuel station map is available to citizens online, where they can view and search for gas stations throughout the state to locate where fuel is available for purchase. To view emergency fuel station information in this database online, visit www.dnr.louisiana.gov/fuelteam.