ExxonMobil invests $1.5 million through United Way Campaign Support

05 14, 2013 by Zachary Today

ExxonMobil has a long history of supporting the Baton Rouge area throughout its 100 years in the community.

As a long-time partner and supporter of Capital Area United Way (CAUW), the company and its employees have a strong commitment to giving, advocating and volunteering.

In 2011 and again in 2012, ExxonMobil exceeded fundraising goals to help Capital Area United Way achieve its mission of mobilizing our community through collaborative efforts to advance the common good.

Combined with the financial support of $350,000 from ExxonMobil and its employees and retirees from ExxonMobil Baton Rouge sites, the campaign raised approximately $1.5 million for the local community. ExxonMobil's donations totaled about 15 percent of the 2012 CAUW campaign.

"Capital Area United Way is proud that ExxonMobil and its employees continue to be our largest corporate contributor. ExxonMobil has again raised the bar by exceeding its corporate giving goal,” said Richard Williams, Interim CEO & President. “Everyone in our 10-parish service area benefits from the generosity of ExxonMobil’s annual United Way campaign. We greatly appreciate the efforts of ExxonMobil to give back to the communities we serve to advance the common good.”

ExxonMobil’s support enables Capital Area United Way to fund programs that are focused on education, income and health within our Capital Area. To illustrate the impact, ExxonMobil’s contribution alone could provide the following in the 70805 zip code:

· character building to over 3500 at-risk youth;

· housing and assistance for over 5,100 individuals and families in crisis;

· employment services and support for over 1,000 individuals; and

· financial assistance for over 1,500 individuals with life-altering healthcare needs.

ExxonMobil announced Monday its sponsorship funding for CAUW’s 2013 annual Day of Action within the North Baton Rouge area.

The event, which is also slated to take place nationwide through the United Way Worldwide network on Friday, June 21, will host numerous local volunteers from various partner agencies who wish to do good work within our communities. ExxonMobil will also sponsor CAUW’s 2013 Women’s Leadership Council efforts to engage women who give and support CAUW’s Early Childhood Education initiative.

“ExxonMobil invests in the communities where we operate, which means that much of our employees’ volunteer efforts and our company’s donations are focused on the North Baton Rouge area,” said ExxonMobil Chemical Plant Site Manager Paul Stratford. “Capital Area United Way’s robust allocation process and strategic programs ensure that the resources we provide are allocated in the most effective way possible to strengthen this community and improve the lives of our neighbors.”