Football GGS dedicated in Ashland

06 29, 2012 by Shreveport Times

A natural gas gathering system located in the village of Ashland was dedicated today by owner Chesapeake Energy with village residents and elected officials in attendance.

Called the Football Gas Gathering System (GGS), the facility will transfer natural gas to interstate pipelines then distribute it to other parts of the country. It’s located on a recently completed six-acre site, where up to 20 million cubic feet of natural gas per day will be gathered and transported from three wells.

The system got the name Football GGS because of its shape. “In surveying the area from aerial shots, it resembles the shape of a football – thus the name,” said Katie McCullin, media relations and corporate development manager.

In addition to building the Football GGS, Chesapeake also made improvements to a quarter-mile of Coffee Crossing Road off state Highway 153 that leads to the site.

The village of Ashland is not reaping any financial benefit from the facility, but Mayor Gahagan Lee welcomes it just the same.

The village owns some property but none where the site is located. And the village does not have a tax.

“But we’re proud to have it here. I just haven’t figured out a way for the town to get any money off of it,” Lee joked.

He added: “Maybe one day we can turn it into some employment for our local people. … It all takes a while. But at least there’s activity here; that’s a plus. We’re proud to have it here. Chesapeake has been a good neighbor.”

“Without question, the Haynesville Shale bodes well for the village of Ashland, Natchitoches Parish and the state,” Paul Pratt, Chesapeake’s director of corporate development, said in a news release. “We are very excited to make this investment in this area. The Football GGS clearly demonstrates our commitment to a long-term presence in the Haynesville Shale.”