LMOGA and LOGA Respond to Terrebonne Parish Coastal Investigation Request

03 19, 2019 by News Release

The Louisiana Oil and Gas Association (LOGA) and the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association (LMOGA) released the following statements regarding the appointment of Terrebonne Parish’s district attorney to perform damage assessments for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.

“The oil and gas industry has a longstanding commitment to the people of Terrebonne Parish— providing jobs and vital revenue for the working families of the parish,” said Gifford Briggs, President of LOGA. “This questionable approach to litigation is an obvious attempt by the Administration to navigate around local leaders to push the administration’s sue-first agenda. We applaud Parish President Gordy Dove for his ongoing commitment to collaboration and working with our industry to develop common sense solutions. The energy industry will continue the tradition of working alongside local leaders in Terrebonne and communities across the state in support of coastal restoration, wetland protection and the sustainable development of Louisiana’s natural resources.”

“It’s disappointing to see the use of premature and unnecessary legal tactics that simply do not reflect the will of the people of Terrebonne Parish,” said Tyler Gray, President of LMOGA. “Louisiana does not need more lawsuits to resolve our state’s changing coastline. The natural gas and oil industry has been a strong partner with our state for over a century, providing jobs for our families and investing millions in our communities, the coast and the environment. We look forward to continuing our partnership with leaders from Terrebonne and parishes across the state to work towards real solutions for Louisiana’s working coast outside of the courtroom.”

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