LMOGA Awards Chevron with Prestigious Award, ExxonMobil Executive Gives Outlook for Energy Future

02 21, 2013 by LMOGA

Association marks its 90th anniversary as the only state association exclusively representing all sectors of the oil and gas industry operating in Louisiana and the GOM

Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association concluded its 2013 annual meeting at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans this afternoon, marking its 90th anniversary as the oldest state trade association and only entity exclusively representing all sectors of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico.

The two-day meeting convened local, state and national stakeholders to explore and discuss the current state of the industry and pertinent issues for the upcoming year. Keynote speakers reflected on an array of topics but most expressed optimistic outlooks for the industry and the country’s energy future, including ExxonMobil Development Company Deepwater Vice President Clay Vaughn.

“ExxonMobil’s “Outlook for Energy” report predicts that global energy demand will grow 35 percent by the year 2040, even with efficiency gains. That’s a significant number, and it will require significant investments in technology and infrastructure,” Vaughn said. “ExxonMobil forecasts show that in 2040, oil will remain the most widely used fuel worldwide, while natural gas will overtake coal for the number-two spot.”

Vaughn said demand for natural gas will rise by about 65 percent through 2040, and 20 percent of global production will occur in North America, supported by growing supplies of gas from shale and other unconventional sources. By 2030, he said North America will likely have completed a transition from a net energy importer to a net exporter, due to unconventional resource development. “The expected growth in North American resources is a major success story. Made possible by advanced technology and human ingenuity, this changing energy landscape – and the resulting opportunities it affords – will continue to provide consumers with more choices, more value, more wealth and more good jobs,” Vaughn concluded.

The LMOGA annual meeting program also included presentations from Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret, EPA Region 6 Administrator Ron Curry, American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers president Charles Drevna, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement Director Admiral James Watson and Plains Exploration and Production Company President and CEO James Flores.

During the luncheon presentation, LMOGA President Chris John presented Gary Luquette, president of Chevron North American Exploration and Production Company, with the association’s highest honor, the Pelican Award, which recognizes a company that has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the industry and made significant contributions to the community, the environment and the state of Louisiana. The award was specifically presented to Chevron’s Gulf of Mexico Business Unit and the unit’s vice president Warner Williams was also present.

“I am proud to accept this award on behalf of the more than 6,000 Chevron employees and retirees that live and work in Louisiana,” Luquette said. “Chevron and its legacy of companies have been privileged to operate in Louisiana for more than 60 years, and associated with LMOGA for more than 40 years.”

“Chevron is a proven leader in safe and clean exploration and production operations in the region and every day Chevron employees and contractors strive to find newer, smarter ways to power America, whether its exploration, production, pipeline operations or marketing,” LMOGA President Chris John said. “Chevron’s vision is to be the energy company most admired for its people, partnership and performance, is recognized through it being a good neighbor in the Gulf Coast region, both with human capital and dollars yielding economic stimulus and goodwill.”

John said it is companies like Chevron that has enabled LMOGA to be in the position to represent the industry that is the lifeline of America’s energy future. We look forward to the next 90 years, as we remain committed to promoting and representing all of our members and their quest in fueling our future.