LMOGA Disappointed in Moratorium Extension in Eastern GOM

09 08, 2020 by LMOGA

Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association (LMOGA) made the following statements in response to the President Administration’s decision to extend the moratorium on energy exploration in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico.

“Today's announcement is short-sighted and fails to acknowledge the many benefits Gulf of Mexico energy development brings to our national security, our environment, our local communities, and to the country as a whole,” said LMOGA Vice President Lori LeBlanc. “Offshore energy development is crucial to achieving American energy dominance, and continuing the moratorium jeopardizes the energy independence America has achieved.”

“Gulf of Mexico oil and natural gas fuels our nation and generates thousands of good-paying jobs for Louisiana families,” said LeBlanc. “As our state and economy struggle to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Laura and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, this decision is a blow to our region and the industry that supports hurricane protection and restoration projects throughout Louisiana’s coast.”

“Louisiana is no stranger to adversity and our industry is resilient. LMOGA looks forward to working with our Gulf Coast partners on a path forward to sustain our industry, protect our coastlines, and fuel the world’s energy needs.”