LMOGA President Chris John on Approval of New BP Drilling in Gulf

10 26, 2011 by Chris John, President, LMOGA

Wednesday’s announcement that U.S. officials have approved BP’s plan to drill a new deepwater well in the Gulf of Mexico is great news, not only for BP, but the entire oil and gas industry. Each permit granted brings the industry one step closer to the certainty desired in these regulations, while providing the clues on how to succeed going forward in this new environment.

This indicates BP’s confidence in the lessons learned from their detailed analysis of the Macondo incident and their pledge to focus on doing the job safely as they return to the Gulf of Mexico. I applaud BP’s efforts to restoring both the environment and economy in the Gulf of Mexico, while cautiously and carefully moving forward on new opportunities that will benefit everyone. It is my hope that this marks the beginning of certainty in the regulatory review process and that permits will start being issued in a timely manner.

Chris John
President, Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association