LMOGA Responds to 2017-2022 Draft Proposed OCS Oil and Gas Leasing Program

01 27, 2015 by LMOGA

“The Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association is pleased the Department of the Interior has released the 2017-2022 draft proposed offshore oil and natural gas leasing program. We are encouraged that the draft plan includes additional offshore access in the Atlantic; however, we were hopeful the overall plan would include even more areas within the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic and Alaska for offshore oil and gas development. Louisiana has a long history of producing the energy to fuel America while at the same time protecting our abundant natural resources and we will continue to do so for many generations to come. The vibrant offshore oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico has proven to provide long-lasting and undisputable economic and energy security benefits not only to Louisiana, but also to the entire nation. These are direct benefits that states across our country could experience with the opening of additional OCS territories for energy development,” says LMOGA President Chris John.

“LMOGA is committed to working with other trade associations in advocating for expanding offshore oil and gas access as we have seen first hand the tremendous economic benefits offshore oil and gas provides to creating high-paying jobs and strengthening our local and national economies. We will continue working with other Louisiana associations and grassroots organizations throughout the 60-day public comment period and the public hearing process in order to urge the federal government to expand offshore access,” says LMOGA Offshore Director Lori LeBlanc.

You can read the full Draft Proposed Program here.


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