LMOGA Responds to Continued Delays in Development of 5-Year Leasing Program

03 09, 2023 by LMOGA

The Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association (LMOGA) issued the following statement in response to the continued delays in development of a 5-year offshore leasing program by the U.S. Department of Interior.

“Despite the obligation to maintain an offshore leasing program, the Department of Interior (DOI)’s continued delays in development are unacceptable and the consequences for Louisiana and the Gulf Coast are enormous,” said LMOGA President Tommy Faucheux. “Offshore energy development and lease sales provide economic stability and energy security, providing jobs and wages to thousands of citizens, and helping to fund critical coastal restoration and hurricane protection projects that help make our communities safer and stronger.”

“The unprecedented lapse in development of a U.S. leasing program creates uncertainty for industry investment and diminishes our nation’s energy potential,” said Faucheux. “We need clear guidelines from the administration and a robust leasing program in place to establish a clear path to American energy security and meet American energy needs with stable, reliable and affordable energy.”