LMOGA Statements In Response to Governor Jindal’s Announcement Regarding Legacy Lawsuit Legislation

03 27, 2014 by LMOGA

Chris John, President of Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association:

“Today’s announcement that industry, business and landowner interests have all agreed on a legacy lawsuit solution is encouraging. This collaboration will promote the certainty companies
strive for when determining their capital investment, all while keeping a focus on environmental remedy. Louisiana is on the verge of what some call 'an energy renaissance' and it is our hope
today’s announcement opens the door to even more projects that will continue to aid Louisiana in leading the field for tomorrow’s energy needs. I am happy to have been a part of these
negotiations and look forward to seeing final passage of this important legislation.”

James M. Hutchison, Sr., Chairman, Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association Board of Directors:

“The Governor’s announcement today regarding the legacy lawsuit legislation is a great accomplishment for all, although the work has just begun. It is imperative we all work diligently
to assure passage of this legislation. It is very exciting to see the Governor and all the major parties that were involved come together in support of this legislation for the good of the State”.