Offshore Committee Members and Local Parish Presidents Meet at Port Fourchon

08 20, 2014 by LMOGA

PORT FOURCHON, LA—Executives of major oil and gas operators in the Gulf of Mexico met with Lafourche, Terrebonne and St. Mary Parish Presidents at Port Fourchon on Tuesday to discuss industry’s economic impact on the region, projections for increased Gulf of Mexico deepwater production, and heightened emergency response capabilities.

“The meeting was hosted by Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association’s Offshore Committee, which we established earlier this year to promote Gulf energy production and to advocate for expanded responsible development of offshore energy resources,” said LMOGA President Chris John.

“We were delighted to host major players in the energy industry at Port Fourchon today,” says Lori LeBlanc, Director of the LMOGA Offshore Committee. “This was the first opportunity that some of our members had to personally see the tremendous role that Port Fourchon and its tenants play in supporting Gulf exploration and production, and to speak directly to the leaders of parishes that greatly contribute to and benefit from the offshore energy industry.”

The afternoon meeting included presentations by LeBlanc, LMOGA President Chris John and Chairman James Hutchison, Doss Bourgeois of Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas, John Hollowell of Shell Energy Resources Company, Chett Chiasson of Port Fourchon and representatives of the Marine Well Containment Company. The Parish Presidents, including Lafourche Parish President Charlotte Randolph, Terrebonne Parish President Michel Claudet, and St. Mary Parish President Paul Naquin, had an opportunity to listen to the speakers and discuss opportunities for collaboration.

“Port Fourchon’s strategic location and impressive infrastructure make it the energy port of choice for deep water Gulf of Mexico operators like Freeport-McMoRan, and the quality people and effective leadership in this region create significant advantages to operating here. The work being done by industry is remarkable, and serves as a great example of the economic impact generated by the offshore energy industry,” said Doss Bourgeois, Executive Vice President of Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas.

Port Fourchon currently serves 90 percent of deepwater structures in the Gulf of Mexico, and activity off of the Louisiana coast generates $5 - $8 billion per year in offshore revenue for the federal treasury, the most of any state.

A recent study by Dr. Loren Scott for LMOGA revealed that Louisiana’s oil and gas industry produced 287,000 jobs, generated $20.5 million in household earnings, and supported nearly $74 billion in sales to Louisiana firms in 2011.

“This was a great opportunity to bring elected officials and corporate leaders together to learn from each other and how we can assist each other. We had great conversations today about growing the industry and our economy, as well as addressing needs such as the LA Highway 1 project and coastal protection,” said Lafourche President Charlotte Randolph. "Since the 2010 oil spill, Lafourche Parish has also been pleased to have energy executives participate in our Energy Council, where we meet directly with company principals on a regular basis to learn more about energy production off of our coast.”

The Terrebonne and Lafourche region boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country near 3 percent, due primarily to the jobs generated by the offshore energy industry.

“Oil and gas activity is the lifeblood of our parish. We have worked with the oil and gas industry for many years and we expect to continue this harmonious relationship in the future. Terrebonne Parish will continue to be a focal point for oil and gas activities in the Gulf of Mexico, and we are committed to providing quality of life improvements and infrastructure to attract the skilled work force that is needed in our area,” said Terrebonne President Michel Claudet.

“I appreciate the opportunity to meet company executives whose work here provides jobs for our residents and sales for our local businesses in St. Mary Parish, and look forward to continued collaboration with members of LMOGA’s Offshore Committee in the months ahead,” concluded St. Mary President Paul Naquin.

Following the meeting, LMOGA hosted a seafood boil reception for its members, local government officials, and business leaders at which Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle spoke about the significance of the Gulf in producing the energy to fuel America.

“When it comes to contributing to America’s energy security, there is no more important piece of real estate in all of America than Louisiana,” Angelle said. “Because of our willingness to host the activities that many states simply refuse to do, every American is tied to Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico through the gas pump. In fact, the Gulf has supplied 90 percent of all domestic crude oil produced in the Outer-Continental Shelf.”

Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, founded in 1923, is a trade association exclusively representing all sectors of the oil and gas industry operating in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. LMOGA serves exploration and production, refining, transportation, marketing and mid-stream companies as well as other firms in the fields of law, engineering, environment, financing and government relations.

LMOGA’s mission is to promote and represent the oil and gas industry operating in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico by extending representation of our members in the Louisiana Legislature, state and federal regulatory agencies, the Louisiana congressional delegation, the media and the general public.