U.S. gas group backs state controls

09 05, 2012 by UPI

State regulators know best how to deal with environmental issues associated with natural gas development in the United States, an industry trade group said.

The Democratic National Committee, in its 2012 platform, said harnessing U.S. natural gas resources needs to be done safely under President Barack Obama's administration.

"We will continue to advocate for the use of this clean fossil fuel, while ensuring that public and environmental health and workers' safety are protected," the platform reads.

Industry groups favor state, not federal, control over natural gas drilling, saying the rules would provide a level of uniformity in the state natural gas reserves.

"Safe and responsible development of this abundant, domestic resource is occurring every day across our nation under the expert oversight of state-based regulators who know best how to protect our water supplies and air quality without harming our environment," America's Natural Gas Alliance President Regina Hopper said in a statement.