LMOGA President Chris John Response to SLFPAE Wetland Litigation

07 24, 2013 by LMOGA

Since we are still reviewing the details of the case, I cannot offer specific comments at this time. When we analyze the court documents and speak with our member companies involved, I will be able to offer additional comments.

The issue of wetland loss is tragic and one that is very important to the oil and gas industry. We live, work, and play in and near Louisiana’s wetlands and have been very involved in fighting coastal erosion. The reasons for the loss are complex and involve both natural changes and many man-made activities.

According to initial reports, this looks like the kind of lawsuit we have seen so often in litigious Louisiana – a contingency lawsuit where the plaintiff attorneys stand to gain millions of dollars. The oil and gas industry will defend this suit vigorously in the court of law and not engage in the frenzy that is sure to continue. Let us read the lawsuit and consult with our members, and we will offer comment at that time.

Chris John
President, Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association